Terms of reservation


- one cottage and the duration of the reservation 1-2 days, cancellation must be made no later than 48 hours before the start of the reservation
– booking of more than one cottage or one cottage booked for more than 3 nights, cancellation a week before.
We will then charge the booking in full.

Cottage terms

Check in at 14.00-21.00, if later please inform us about it.
Check out at 12.00 at latest.
Silence on campsite at 23- 06, during this time all unnecessary traffic should be avoided.

The cottages are smoke free. Please do not throw tobacco stubbings in the nature.

The cottage price excludes bed linen and towels, but we require use of set of bedding or alternatively sleeping bag with pillow case. You can also hire from us:
– Set of bedding+towel 12€/person
We wash all bed linen/towels on the premises, they are dried outdoors in fresh air.

The cottage must be left in good condition furniture and supplies in their original and undamaged condition,empty bottles and waste sorted and taken to a sorting facility. You also need to empty the fridge, take leftover food with you, or to the waste bins. If you have used our linens, leave them in a stack on the bed, also place blanket and pillow in a stack.
We reserve the right to send a cleaning invoice if the cottage is left in poor condition.
We expect our guests to sort their waste. There are recycle stations on the campsite (metall, plastic, glass, cardboard). Recycling is an important factor in conserving natural resources and greatly contributes towards improving the environment.

Not allowed to make open fire at the cottage or on the campsite! Please use the barbecue places on the camping, or your own barbecue. Remember, do not use them if it is dry in the nature, or if it is total ban of bonfire. What is total bonfire ban? If the hazard for a forrest fire is high, the local fire department may locally put a total ban on open fires outdoor. In practice, such a total ban means that you are not allowed to grill or ignite the fire in woods, other outskirts or on the beach.

The number of persons allowed in the cottage is the same as the number of beds. At booking a cottage, please inform us about the amount of persons coming to stay.
Temporary guests in the cabin are at the guest's own responsibility and these should be removed from the cabin no later than 9pm.


Pets are welcome to the camping. Please inform us if you will bring your pet with you and preferably one pet/cottage.
The pets must stay on the floor, not in the beds or sofas. Keep them on a leash and pick up after them. Remember to take other guests into consideration!

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